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Icy Refresher

It’s hot hot hot in India. It’s hot in the day it’s hot in the night and no rains. A summer refreshing drink is what I need all the time. I have been guzzling down water like a shark! Plain water is boring and I hate drinking water. But then I thought of making a jug full of this refreshing drink and put it in the fridge. In anyways, these are much better options than the sugar laden aerated drinks that we keep drinking. I have stopped all aerated drinks FYI.

I also tried adding a little white run with it later to make a Sunday cocktail which tasted super yum! You can make your own renditions with it!

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Prep Time
Cook Time
Total Time
 5 min
0 min
5 min

Recipe Type: Beverage
Serves: 2


Lemon -1
Mint – few sprigs
Water – 2 glasses
Ice cubes - few


Muddle some mint leaves and few lemon slices together
Add them in a jug with water
Add crushed ice cubes
Serve with a slice lime


If you are adding white rum/vodka for cocktail try muddling some chopped chili – you will love the combination.

Enjoy a refreshing drink.

Until next time, Cheers!

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