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#ATOZCHALLENGE 2016 - Theme Reveal - Healthy Eating

Peeps, I am participating in the A to Z Challenge again this year! If you have been visiting my blog then you’ll see loads of post on A to Z Challenge from 2014. 

When I participated last time it was hectic yet it was fun. My theme last time was indulgent food. You can check the posts here. Both me and Indro got to indulge into lots of yummy food throughout April. And I had a happy man at home!

Now things are little different. I have another little man in my life! But food for him is still mashed potato, lentil soups and all. But I am avoiding indulgent food for some obvious reasons. Post pregnancy the weighing scale sometimes can give you nightmares!! Okay now don’t start judging me!

This year I am doing an about turn from last time. My theme this year is ‘Healthy Eating and Healthy Living’. So you are going to get 26 healthy recipes here throughout April. So I’ll be sharing recipes of Salads, smoothies, grills, soups and no desserts!!

I am not sharing the A to Z now because I might change my mind on a particular recipe. I want to keep my options flexible too. So guys keep coming back throughout April and lets stay and eat healthy!!

P.S. I am taking part in the challenge from my writing blog too – The Sunny Side of Life. Check my theme reveal post there too.  


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