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A to Z Challenge Day #5 - E for Egg Chicken Rolls

Now that I am over with today’s fiction in my writing blog, I am now going to post here. So what do we have for E?? I have been posting dessert recipes all this while, let me do something else today.

Yesterday I had posted a Bengali and Italian Fusion food recipe and today I am going to post on a typical Bengali fast food recipe. Any one and every one in Calcutta loves the hot and lip smacking rolls. They are like wraps but in a rustic way which is typical to this place. You need a flat bread (or paratha) and you need fillings and you are good to go.

You get a variety of rolls in Calcutta and I am going to share a recipe of the most famous and indulgent one – Egg Chicken Roll.

So let’s not waste any more time in description and just start with our Egg chicken roll.

All that we need

For the Bread

1. All purpose flower – 2 and half cup (if you want you can mix in little whole wheat flour as well)
2. Oil – 2 teaspoon
3. Salt – a pinch
4. Warm Water – to make the dough
5. Oil for frying the flat breads you can use any oil – sunflower, ground nut or even olive oil

For the Filling

1. Whole Eggs – 6 (or the number of rolls you want to make)
2. Cooked Chicken – 2 cups - boneless and shredded
3. Onion – 1 sliced
4. Cucumber – 1 chopped
5. Green Chillies – 2 chopped
6. Salt & pepper – to taste
7. Lemon – half
8. Tomato Ketchup & Chilli Sauce – according to taste

Let’s get started

Dough for the breads
1. Mix flour salt and oil together in a large bowl.

2. Add water and kneed to soft dough (like how you would do for bread).

3. Divide in six to seven small portions and make round balls.

4. Roll them flat into parathas.

Frying the parathas
1. Heat a flat griddle or ‘tawa’ on high flame. When it’s hot enough add the flat breads/paratha one at a time.

2. Leave the paratha on the griddle for 1 minutes for each side.

3. Add 1 tale spoon oil on the griddle and fry the paratha on medium heat.

4. Break an egg in a bowl add little salt to it and beat it.

5. Add I teaspoon oil on the griddle and add the beaten add (how you would do for an omelet)

6. Quickly cover the egg with the fried paratha (so that it sticks to the omelet).

7. Fry it for a minute or till the egg is done and keep the paratha aside.

Repeat steps 2 – 7 for each of the breads.

Now we’ll get into the filling. It’s actually simple.

1. Take cooked chicken, shred them and keep in a bowl. You can use leftover cooked chicken as well from roast or curry.

2. Take the onion, cumumber, chilli in a bowl and add salt pepper to taste.

So now you are going to do the rolls in an order as if in an assembly line.

Arrange all these in a line on your kitchen counter.

How to arrange the rolls

Take the paratha, put a line of shredded chicken, salad, squeeze of lemon juice, a good dollop of ketchup and roll it. 

Wrap a tissue around – which will help to soak the excess oil (if any) and it will be easy for you to hold and eat.

Repeat this for each of the rolls and your hot and lip smacking egg chicken rolls are in your hands to enjoy!

See super simple indulgent fast food.  


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