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A to Z Challenge Day #4 - D for Date Jaggery Panna Cotta

Cool so we are on our fourth day today in the A to Z Challenge. I was checking the food blogs in the challenge and there seems to be only 14 of them in the challenge (when I seared with the code [cu] which stands for culinary). Actually 13, leaving mine aside. SO I have thought of visiting them every day.

So what do we have for D… It’s something that I tried for the first time. I come from Calcutta (in case you didn’t notice already) and we are crazy for food…good food actually, and our craze for sweets or ‘mishti’ as we call it is world famous. Winters are the time when you get a variety of different sweets across Bengal. Date jiggery plays a big part. We all know dates but did you all know you get these awesome jiggery from the sap of these date trees?

Date Jaggery or Nolen Gur is typical of Bengal and the aroma of this jiggery is super awesome when you mix it with any milk based product or by product. We do lot of sweets with the date jiggery but here I am going to do fusion food today, bringing Bengal and Italy closer!! It’s going to be Date Jaggery Panna Cotta.. Interesting no?? And it’s yummy too.. So let’s hop into making our exotic fusion panna cotta.

You get the nolen gur in this liquid state

All that you need

1. Fresh cream – 1 cup
2. Whole milk – ½ cup
3. Sugar – ¼ cup
4. Date Jaggery (‘Nolen Gur’) – ¼ cup
5. Gelatin – 2 tablespoon (you can use a gelatin sheet, or dust or granules, any gelatin is fine)
6. Warm water to soak & dilute gelatin

Let’s make our Panna Cotta

1. Add warm water to gelatin and let it soak and expand

2. Add fresh cream in a sauce-pan and put it on medium heat

3. Add milk and sugar and mix well.
[Don’t put on high heat or stir vigorously – you don’t want the cream splitting up]

4. After 4-5 mins take it off the heat and mix gelatin to this mixture.

5. Mix jiggery/nolen gur to this mixture. It will give a beautiful light brown color & super flavor

Now all that is left is to refrigerate and let it set!

Now wasn’t that really simple??? It’s so easy yet so yummy.

You can set t in moulds if you want to de-mould and serve or u can do it in ramekins, glasses or even bowls!! I actually didn’t wait long for garnish or plating up because the aroma was too tempting to try it out. And that’s why the photo is very basic!

Do try it and let me know.


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