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A to Z Challenge Day #3 - C for Caramel Custard

Hello beautiful people. Hope you are liking my Indulgent theme for the A to Z Challenge. Now after two pies it’s going to be one of my favourite indulgent dessert of all time. My indulgent food with C is Caramel Custard... There is some old world charm in a simple homely caramel custard that makes it so delicious. I do many varieties of caramel custards with different flavours and they turn out very impressive. But today it’s going to be a simple rustic caramel custard how your granma would make it... Like how I call it a no fuss caramel custard.

Let’s get into the ingredients

1. Eggs - 3 (whole)

2. Milk - 500 ml

3. Vanilla Essence - 2 teaspoon

4. Sugar - 2 tablespoon for caramelizing

5. Confectioners Sugar or Icing Sugar - 2 teaspoon

Now Let’s get going

1. Put sugar in a non stick pan over high heat to caramelize. Add a teaspoon of water to it.

[You have to keep a look over it - you don’t want to burn the sugar. Remember not to touch it with your hands/fingers because its going to be very hot.]

2. Pour the caramel in two ramekins or moulds.

3. In a separate saucepan beat the eggs and add milk slowly (milk should be in room temperature).

4. Add icing sugar and vanilla essence to this mixture

5. Pour this custard mixture in the ramekins. Leave some space on top of the ramekin because it will rise little.

6. Put the ramekins on a baking tray and add water (200ml) on the baking tray. (the steam from the baking tray will help in cooking faster).

7. Bake in a pre heated oven for 30 minutes at 200 degrees C or 390 degrees F.

When done leave it for another 10 mins to cool down and it will get set.

Insert a tooth pick or a knife at the centre and if it comes out clean your custard is ready.

I like having my caramel custards chilled. I always prepare them in advance and refrigerate it for an hour or so when cooled. It feels awesome that way. But you may enjoy it warm as well. When its such a wonderful dessert you can indulge in any which way you want.

I in fact like to have it from the ramekin itself.. for the photo's sake I have unmoulded it. You have to insert a knife at the side and turn around to release from the mould. Mine got lil messy in doing things fast but... what the hell.. who cares when a caramel custard tastes so yummy!!!

Go ahead and try it. 


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