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Strawberry Panna Cotta

Hello People, hope you guys had fun on Valentine’s Day. Last week was hectic for me so very less updates here. It’s season of love, season of red and also season of strawberries. It’s raining strawberries in almost all local grocery stores in the city. People even sell strawberries in traffic signals these days. I got some great deals at the supermarket so got some for myself. 

I literally enjoy strawberries with cream or condensed milk… so sinful. You can use these lovely strawberries in so many ways from breakfast to dessert. Over the weekend I was thinking of making a strawberry cheese-cake but then last moment I changed my mind to try out a strawberry panna cotta. And there I was driven by the desire making these little cups of pleasure.

What is Panna Cotta? (for those who are not familiar with it)

Panna cotta is an Italian dessert and it literally means cooked cream. You can use almost any flavor to build up on a basic panna cotta. And It is one of the simplest desert recipe that you can try out. You don’t need an oven or anything fancy. You can make your pana cottas in moulds, cups, ramekins, or even wine glasses. You can serve them either in your glasses or you can de mould them and serve. Believe me it just doesn’t matter. Finally you are going to enjoy them. 

For this recipe I have done both – I have made in my juice glasses and also in my silicon cup cake moulds. So you can choose which method you want to use. Now let’s see the recipe quickly.

All that you need:

  1. Fresh cream – 1 cup (you may also use low fat or double, I am using Low fat here)
  2. Whole milk – ½ cup
  3. Sugar – ¼ cup
  4. Strawberry crush – 2 table spoon (I am using strawberry preserves)
  5. Fresh strawberry – 6-7 chopped
  6. Gelatin – 2 tablespoon (you can use a gelatin sheet, or dust or granules, any gelatin is fine)
  7. Warm water to soak & dilute gelatin

 Let's get Started:

- Add warm water to gelatin and let it soak and expand

- Add fresh cream in a sauce-pan and put it on medium heat

- Add milk and sugar and mix well.
[Don’t put on high heat or stir vigorously – you don’t want the cream splitting up]

- After 4-5 mins take it off the heat and mix gelatin to this mixture.

- Add strawberry crush/ strawberry preserve to this mixture. It will give a beautiful color and have an intense strawberry flavor

Now all that is left is to refrigerate and let it set!

Ways of Setting your Panna Cotta

If you want to set the panna cotta in moulds and you want to de-mould and serve then put chopped strawberries first in the moulds and pour in the panna cotta mixture. 

Like in the following images

If you are serving it in glasses or ramekins then pour the mixture first in the vessels.

Put the filled moulds/ramekins in the fridge for 2-3 hours and let it set.

Do not put it in the freezer to save time or else you’ll get an iced panna cotta… you really don’t want that.

Serve them chilled and garnish them with chopped strawberries. You can also add some strawberry syrup if you want for the garnish.

Wasn’t that really easy peasy? I can assure you it tastes yumm…

Some Tips:

You need to be careful when you are soaking the gelatin. Make sure it has diluted in the water well or else you might find them setting at the bottom of your panna cotta.

Try this easy recipe and let me know how it was. I really like your comments.

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