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Product Review: Horlicks Oats in Classic Masala

Hello there, tell me frankly who likes oats? Well I am not that big a fan of oats I find them taste like baby food!! But yes they are healthy and full with fiber. My everyday breakfast usually consists of Cereals or toast and egg or if I am having breakfast at work I’ll have a sandwich or ‘poori subji’ whatever the canteen fellows are cooking on that particular day. Now coming back to Oats my husband is another health freak who wants to have everything healthy so he sometimes have this Quaker Oats. I kind of have an aversion to the plain oats thing because I feel they are bland and tasteless. I can still have flavored oats.

There are many brands of Oats available in India and Horlicks by GSK has recently ventured into this space. I think lately Horlicks has been doing some consumer offers/promotions where they are giving a mini pack free. Now I don’t remember exactly with which product I got this sample but nonetheless I tried it out, and thought of reviewing it. Now this one is not a sponsored product review kind of thing so you can expect an honest review. Frankly, if this wasn’t the ‘masala oats’ I woudn’t even have bothered to try it. I have have some more samples lying around. At the end of the review I’ll tell you if I am going to consume them or toss them away or give them to someone.

In Variant Classic Masala - with Real Vegetables & Spices

Let’s get into the product now.

Product Name: Horlicks Oats

Variant: Classic Masala [They have four variants in Indian market – Plain oats, Classic Masala, Southern Spices & Mild Kurma]

MRP: Rs 10/- for 28g pouch

I’ll put up the ingredient list & Nutritional facts from the back of the pack. Doesn’t make sense for me to write them down again.

Ingredients & Nutrition Facts

Product Claim:
  1. Has real Vegetables & Spices
  2. Rich in dietary fibers & Protein

Method of Preparation

It is mentioned at the Back of the pack and looks quite easy
  1. You have to boil 1 glass of water in a pan
  2. Empty the entire content of the pack in the water and mix well
  3. You need to boil it on high flame for few seconds and then cook for 3-4 minutes on medium flame
  4.  Mix well and serve hot

How to make it as on pack

My Experience

Now that was easy said than done. It actually took me over 8 minutes precisely to get it into a good consistency. And when tasted it was edible. I like the fact that there are some veggie bits and spices otherwise it would have turned really bland and as I say baby food like.

Few things you should note while making this, you need to add a little seasoning. I added little salt and pepper to make it taste little better.  

It obviously didn’t look like how it is shown in the Front of pack. It neither had so many vegetables nor were the flakes so big and visible but I give that point to them because now-a days everyone does food styling and all. No product look as perfect as its on Front of pack that’s like a known fact, so I am okay with it.

This is how it looks when you make it

Something that could have been better:

I think there’s very little product for a full breakfast. It doesn’t yield a full cup of oats. It’s just a little more than half a cup. And to sustain your active part of the morning with only one bowl of this oats is difficult. I had it with a toast and some juice. So maybe they can think of increasing the grammage.

My Rating: I’ll give it a 3.5 out 5.

What will I do with the other samples of Horlicks Oats Classic Masala?

This is something I need to think I have 3 more packs of the same flavor and my husband doesn’t like flavoured/masala oats. So I am thinking of having one probably on some lazy day when I don’t feel like making any breakfast or I can give to some health conscious friends to try.

So guys that was the product review. Do leave a comment how you liked it.

Which are your favorite Oats Brands? Leave a comment and I’ll try them too.

I got this product as a free sample with some other product. It's not a sponsored review. All opinions are my own and I am honest while reviewing a product.

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