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Mango Lassi


When its summer in India you seem to see and smell mangoes everywhere. Some time back when had gone shopping the entire floor of Total supermarket was smelling of mangoes. But who complains, they are so yummy... 

Here is a simple and easy way to enjoy the mango in the summers. A lassi with a fruity twist. It's yummy & keeps you cool. 

I am posting it late... I had made it a few months back. 

All that you need

1. Mango - 2 large (the variety you like the most - I have used 'Langra'    specialty of Bengal you may say)

2. Plain Yogurt - 2 cups

3. Milk - 1/2 cup

4. Sugar - 3 tea spoon ( I have not added sugar since the mango itself was sweet)

5. Cardamom powder - a pinch ( for the added flavour)

Lets get started

Well actually there's nothing to do.

Cut the mango in small pieces or take the pulp out and put it in a blender.

Add yogurt, milk, sugar & cardamom powder and just blend.

That's it... its done.

You can add some ice cubes in it. But ill give you a trick if you are just taking out the yogurt from the fridge and putting it in the blender then you can do away with the ice. I personally don't like ice in my lassi.


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