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Entry to the Klick Klick Kitchen!

I finally am here. I have neglected this blog for long. I always wanted to make a recipe/cook blog but somehow for whatever reason I kept on postponing it. Posting in this blog was long due and here I am writing on what I like quite a lot. This is my first cook/ recipe blog and let me clarify in the beginning, I am no certified chef or gourmet specialist – but I just love cooking and experimenting with different stuffs. Check out ‘The Chef’ page to know more about me.

This blog will take some time to grow up into a full-fledged recipe blog because I’ll take time to write in all the categories that I wish to do so. But bear with me I’ll be there soon. I cook from Bengali delicacies to Thai to Italian and Continental stuffs so I am gonna put up all those.
So enjoy the recipes, feel free to twist them according to your taste but hey, please let me know if you liked them and how your rendition tasted. But I’ll expect you not to copy my recipes without giving me/ my blog’s name the credit.
Until next time
Happy Cooking!
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